Monday, June 8, 2015

Drowning in Technology America's IQ moves down a notch

Drowning in technology America’s IQ moves down a notch


Smart cars, smart phones, smart homes and more yet this generation of Americans are one of the dumbest in decades. Schools no longer cater to improving the intellect of the students in their charge. Instead educational efforts are geared towards improving test scores. Why sweat a math problem when a handheld device can perform the task in seconds. Why devour a book when a quick summary is available with the flick of a finger. Most important of all why learn when a machine can spit out an answer to a question in the blink of an eye. High School level curriculums barely teach students the basics needed to further their lives and educations. Colleges have picked up the slack offering remedial courses to bring new arrivals up to speed. Standard tests to compare learning skills and intellect are being phased out or ignored in the admission process to collegiate environments. Abandonment of comparative standards provides the illusion that all students are intellectually on the same level. Schools know the latter is not true. In our socially sensitive society merit and hard work have been subverted to allow slackers to gain a footing into environments in which they were formally excluded.  


Graduate programs are reviewing more applications from foreigners than native born individuals. One program director noted the sciences are hardest to recruit within the American pool of candidates seeking higher degrees. As a result large tech companies find themselves searching overseas for apt candidates to fill positions that formerly went to Americans a mere generation ago. Primary and Secondary schools lack the curriculums to instill creativity into this generation of students. Therefore students are more likely to service machines than create them. Technological innovation tends to come from foreign incubators. The devices that keep us in touch with reality emanate from facilities far from the cultural delinquents whose only job is to sell them. I have no great expectations when I visit electronic outlets here on the mainland.  Clerks know little of the technology they push on the public. When a problem arises from one of these devices I am usually referred to an archaic reference on the net not someone close at hand. America has lost its edge in many areas. Clearly most Americans no longer have the mental tools to compete with foreign populations in the technologic realm. Technology, paradoxically, has eroded intellect in a society already on the skids educationally, culturally and morally. Those who are not cognizant of the world around them are easily misled and manipulated.  In the event this was the ambition of those who created this environment then they succeeded.


Mark Davis MD President of Davis Media and Writing Services.

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