Saturday, March 7, 2015

Rise and fall of an American queen

Rise and fall of an American queen


History has a way of recycling on itself. With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence the colonies threw off the yoke of the English Monarchy centuries ago. Expectations were the evolving nation would remain a democracy for generations to come. The blood of millions sanctified this promise through the years. Yet as history moved forward the lessons that it taught grew cold with time. Twenty-first century politics have awakened the ghosts of the past. A few politicians believe they have an absolute right of ascension to the highest circles in government. This self-righteous elitism may be drawn from name recognition they garnered based on those who came before them. Most open about her prior connections to the White House is Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton apparently believes she should be crowned queen of the United States. This delusion is continuously reinforced in her speeches and interviews. Now her coronation appears in doubt.  From the darkness information has arisen that Mrs. Clinton may have subverted American law. Worse she may have used her government position to raise funds for the Clinton Foundation.


While conducting business as the Secretary of State Mrs. Clinton was legally responsible to use government email systems not personal accounts. Believing she is beyond reproach and the law she hid over fifty thousand emails from Congressional committees who subpoenaed her government records not aware at the time other accounts existed. As this information developed the whitewash quickly began. Her former State Department colleagues jumped into the fray to help with damage control. Current Secretary of State John Kerry also stated he would review the matter thoroughly. The outcome for these reviews are all but assured to go Hillary’s way. Can this vast load of emails shed light on the following questions? What did Hillary really know about Benghazi? Did she raise money for the Clinton Foundation in a manner not befitting her former office? Did she pass classified material through her private accounts hence undermining United States Interests? Mrs. Clinton’s activities may have been above board, yet they need to be measured against the truth. American people deserve an independent accounting of Hillary’s recently uncovered activities.  Why? Because this heir to the throne must be vetted before the nation makes another mistake as occurred in the prior 2 election cycles.


Mark Davis MD, President of Davis Writing Services.

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