Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Secrets to a Pain Free Life

Title: Secrets to a Pain Free Life
Author: Dr. Reza Ghorbani
Reviewed by: Mark Davis, MD

Doctor Reza Ghorbani, a foremost expert in pain management, has published an incisive new book entitled “Secrets to a Pain Free Life.” Tens of millions visit their health providers yearly seeking relief from musculoskeletal pain.  Treatment modalities prescribed by many practitioners are neither cutting edge nor effective for the intended diagnosis. Dr. Ghorbani’s book introduces the reader to an entire new range of treatments rarely considered by those in the field of pain management.  As a Harvard trained physician, with dual Certifications in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management, Dr. Ghorbani explores an array of pain treatments that can bring marked relief to those who have lived with pain far too long. “Secrets to a Pain Free Life” initially discusses the physiology of pain, clearly explaining how it is generated, common causes and who is most likely to incur chronic pain. Taking us system by system the reader learns that pain can be managed effectively by those who are well versed in this specialty of medicine. Dr. Ghorbani is clearly conscious of the effects addictive drugs have on the body implying to the reader alternative treatments could provide similar relief without the physiological addiction. 

Dr. Ghorbani takes the reader on a historical journey through time as he discusses how pain was managed through the millennia. This information is integrated throughout the book to flesh out treatments that continue to be utilized today. Herbal remedies were known to the inhabitants of many cultures. Their knowledge of leaves, roots, bark, stems and other plant features moved through the ages into current times. Many of their remedies have great significance in today’s world. Dr. Ghorbani displays a profound depth of knowledge on herbal remedies in separate chapters on Tumeric, Rosemary, Boswellia, Ginger and much more. Many of these herbs are excellent substitutes to the narcotic based drugs too readily given to patients by some practitioners. Dr. Ghorbani  discusses an array of treatment modalities using herbs as a basis to relieve pain allowing improved function and lifestyle.

Pain does not mean an end to normal living as this book conveys to its readers. Dr. Ghorbani explores lifestyle changes patients can make to bring control of pain to acceptable levels. Weight loss, exercise, stress reduction and vitamin supplements are part of the regimens discussed which can revitalize a patient’s ability to function at near normal levels. As an astute practitioner of pain management Dr. Ghorbani’s expertise provides strength to each chapter in the “Secrets to a Pain Free Life,” by drawing on his long term experience in this field. This book is a must read for anyone who has not found pain relief utilizing standards modes of therapy. After reading “Secrets to a Pain Free Life” the reader will have a more expansive understanding of pain mechanisms and an intricate knowledge where to find relief. A well-written and professionally researched work this book assuredly will become part of many health care libraries. To obtain a copy of “Secrets to a Pain Free Life” please use the following link:

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