Monday, April 8, 2013

After America: Obama's dystopian vision

After America: Obama’s dystopian vision


America is dying, the numbers speak for themselves. Ninety million people no longer participate in the workforce. One third of the population is receiving survival aid from state and federal coffers. Millions have flooded into this country displacing citizens from jobs that should be theirs. One sixth of the economy has been hijacked by a health program which is nothing more than a giant Ponzi scheme waiting to fail. Businesses continue to fail at record levels, with foreclosures on homes continuing to mount. President Obama sits on his perch in the White House bemused by the economic catastrophes that his actions and or inactions caused. Proposed corrective measures emanating from his office do not include cutting back on the regulatory structure that suppresses job formation. Instead, he suggests Congress should add new and more expansive taxes to the pool of levies that recently went into effect in January. Obama believes taking money from productive Americans and transferring it to the entitlement crowd will somehow improve the economy. Obama continues on a destructive path to dismember the country with minimal hindrance from the opposing party. His expenditure of billions on projects that do little more than burn-up cash, display a profound ineptitude for finding solutions that work. Failure is Obama’s greatest achievement in office. There is no doubt that his Congressional henchmen want the same for the country. Vice President Biden’s call for a New World Order with an emphasis on economics reflects the President’s sentiments exactly.  In an Obama world America always comes in second. Recently the Executive branch announced its forthcoming budget. Within its fabric are potential regulations to limit yearly financial input into retirement plans with maximum caps on total accumulations. Any capitalization that exceeds Obama’s set thresholds would be seized through special levies. In other words Obama will dictate how much money you are allowed to spend during your Golden years. Is this the country the Founders perceived for us over two centuries ago? No one from those early days of the Federation of states could have conceived a leader coming to power worse than the monarch they sent packing via the Declaration of Independence.  Obama’s dystopian vision of America is the antithesis of Jefferson’s, Franklin’s, Madison’s and other patriots who risked everything, so the fruits of their labors could live on in the Democracy they founded. Obama’s hate for America is obvious and his willingness to undermine the nation plays out in each action he takes. 2017 is rapidly approaching. Those who lean left will regret the dissolution of this once great country, they helped destroy. Those on the right side of the line will contemplate why they didn’t take a stronger stance against an Administration bent on leaving the nation in ruins. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, Manager of the group on LinkedIn, Government in Transition.  Join, comment and debate this issue and many others.

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