Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bill Gates comes out of the closet

Bill Gates Comes out of the Closet


Bill Gates actions in the last 18 months reveal he is a certified liberal. America should have no doubt, anymore, where he stands in the political spectrum. Bill’s multi-billion dollar foundation is supporting an effort collect, collate and distribute private information on students and others to sell to the highest bidder. Specifically, he and his cronies want to obtain transcripts and other relevant data on students, making it available to commercial entities and the government at-large. Bypassing the Fourth-Amendment is easy when you are the second richest man in the World. Social media is abuzz with condemnation of this project, which recently came to light through random news sources. Social Security numbers are part of the information grab. Parent groups are beginning to realize the extent of Bill’s journey into their privacy, yet their protests have not moved public officials to stop his efforts. States involved in this project point to federal law, which allows the schools to turn over this data to selected entities. Point: we have another billionaire chippings away at our privacy and freedoms. Mark Davis MD, President of Healthnets Review Services, platomd@gmail.com. www.healthnetsreviewservices   Manager of the LinkedIn group, Government in Transition, join, comment and express your views on this subject and any other topics with the famous and the infamous.

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