Monday, January 14, 2013

Obama's choice: Democracy or Tyranny

Obama’s choice: Democracy or Tyranny


President Obama believes managing America’s economic and social affairs by autocratic rule is an acceptable means to achieve his vision for the nation. Bypassing the Congress to move his agenda along, utilizing Executive edict, is his weapon of choice. In a few days his second term will start, which hints that even more controls to our lifestyles will be forced on us, with his lone signature to enforce the mandates. The range of detriments that Obama can cause by tyrannical orders from the Oval Office is nearly inconceivable. The first of many Executive Orders will be coming shortly as he begins his march towards a gun free America. Using Vice President Biden’s gun control committee as a front, the President will attempt to stifle gun ownership on several levels. The most potent enforcement presently being floated in the media is to inhibit the sale of ammo. An outright ban would be too noxious to the public, so he will perform this miracle in steps. All ammo purchases would have to be reported to a central authority, perhaps a national data bank similar to the one used against physicians. Once this is in place, licenses will be required to purchase ammo with restrictive regulatory structure to keep sales to a minimum. The assault weapon ban will be front and center in Biden’s recommendations, leaving only government entities with these munitions. Finally, national licenses for handguns requiring psychological profiling before purchase will become a reality. Congress and the Constitution are inconveniences to a man who wants to run a one-man show. Many legal issues will arise by Obama’s crude attempts at self-rule.  Though the Second Amendment will be at the forefront of these challenges, an array of legal precedents will come into play. These precedents include established intrastate commerce laws, states’ rights issues, civil rights concerns and prior Supreme Court decisions. In a case that drew national attention, District of Columbia versus Heller, the Supreme Court upheld the right to handgun ownership in its 2008 decision. Though this case only affected District of Columbia residents, in McDonald versus Chicago, the Supreme Court noted in 2010 that the Second Amendment applies to all the states by virtue of the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.  Rumor has it that Obama was a Constitutional Lawyer for a brief period in his life, yet he must have missed the chapters on the Second and Fourteenth Amendments in his studies. Implicit in President Obama’s reign over the last 4 years is the assumption that he knows better what is good for the nation than the Congress and the population that put them into power. Obama’s Machiavellian approach to rule comes with a price, the limitation of democratic principles. When this occurs, the horrific scent of tyranny pervades the environment in which it was created. A near hysteria has been generated by Obama’s potential use of Executive Order to control gun ownership. His authoritarian approach will fail, but at what cost to the Republic. Perhaps someone in his Administration or the Congress will explain to him that we are still a representative government and not a dictatorship, so far that message has not gotten through to his mind. Mark Davis MD,

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