Thursday, November 8, 2012

2012 Election: Did anybody really win

2012 election: Did anybody really win


Prevailing notions that Obama had a clean sweep in the Electoral process may not be accurate. There was nothing clean about his assault on the opposing candidate. Campaign rhetoric usually takes on a vicious tone as Election Day approaches. Unfortunately, the democrats put their message before the public in a manner that sinks to new lows, for a president who wanted to retain power at all costs. Accusations that Romney was a murderer, a racist, a homophobe, a job killer, insensitive to the needs of the poor, anti-motherhood, a religious intolerant are but a few of the claims levied from the Obama camp against a very decent man. One of the strangest commercials, run by the democrats, was a young woman describing who she would like as her first sex partner, somehow relating that event to voting for Obama. Too many references are available describing the indecencies perpetrated by an Administration that was desperate to retain power.


Romney’s laid back casual approach to politics did not attract the groups necessary to garner sufficient votes for his drive to the White House. Hispanics were not moved by his staunch aversion to allow illegals to roam the ranges of America unhindered by the law. Birth control became an issue when women were demanding free medications under Obamacare and Romney sided with the churches against this issue. Soccer moms were aloof from the Romney message perhaps because of his wealth or perceived detachment from his own children. Afro Americans had mixed feelings about his faith, wealth and most important his minimal campaigning amongst them. Romney’s message was clear, succinct and forward-looking but most wanted to keep the status quo alive. Many dependent on the government saw Romney as the person who would turn-off the financial spigot, leaving them with an uncertain future. Romney did not lose because he was a bad candidate. He lost because he was too good for those who have become accustomed to a free ride through government offerings. Obama was their man, full of hope and a lot of change for their pockets. The question did anybody really win on Election Day? The answer is a resounding no. Four more years of bad energy policies, an out of control EPA, health legislation that does not fulfill its stated intentions, schools on a downward slope, ongoing reductions in our military capacities, more redistribution of wealth, a foreign policy in tatters and more. America lost on November 6, 2012 and tyranny won. Mark Davis, MD President of Healthnets Review Services.

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