Monday, August 6, 2012

Rush Limabugh: America's political barometer

Rush Limbaugh: America’s political barometer

Left wing media continues to condemn Rush Limbaugh for explaining and defining the perversions Democrat operatives spew daily. Rush’s sensibilities enable him to quickly douse the malicious fires set by a group that lost its moral center decades ago. With a climate of hate generated by President Obama and inflamed by his minions in Congress Rush’s huge audience receive a quick response to the profound inaccuracies scripted by these demoralized individuals. Lying has been brought to the level of an art form under the present administration with the truth always trailing its perpetrator. Rush pulls from his stacks news that portends to be topical for that day. Harry Reid’s mystifying announcement from his Senate pulpit that Mitt Romney has not paid any taxes in the last ten years deserved an immediate response from the master of verbal karate. Reid’s unsubstantiated comments were in character for a man Rush had pointed out numerous times was a fraud. A sharp rebuke from EIB headquarters shook the very foundation of the Senate chambers. Cleverly planted callers try to entrap this golden tongued individual to no avail. Rush can sense a liberal before he/she gets passed the first sentence. Conservatism is Rush’s brand and he is very good at delineating its component parts. Long before the ink was dry on Obama’s piece de resistance, Obamacare, Rush smelled the stench of backdoor politics maneuvering to pass this monstrosity, though the majority of Americans were against it. Over two years later that stench has only become worse as this newest entitlement heads towards fruition. Twenty four years after he uttered his first conservative thought over the airways Rush’s message is now amplified by over six hundred affiliates who are eager to be part of the EIB team. Controversy has done little to dent his listenership or wallet. He utters the truth each weekday afternoon setting the stage for the nighttime crawlers who inhabit the left. These vermin in turn provide us a glimpse of a mindset full of hate and insecurity which Rush reconfigures for our amusement the next day. Rush is the bellwether of ideas that can make America whole again. His Ph.D in honesty, with a minor in decency, causes shudders through a community full of miscreants, anti-traditionalists and anarchists whose sole purpose in life is to undermine America. Rush Limbaugh is truly America’s political barometer and his predictions could not be more accurate. Do America and yourself a favor vote conservative this November and relieve the pressure on all of us. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy.

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