Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fox news: Obama's greatest supporters

Fox news: Obama’s greatest supporters

Strange becomes even stranger when I heard the Sean Hannity’s radio and cable shows this week. Sean’s attempt to deprecate Obama’s negative commercials against Romney may have a hidden paradoxical effect. Horrific unsupported prattle from the Obama camp, in the form of attack ads, were placed in selective media markets by Obama’s minions this week. Fox exponentially amplified them when they ran the same attack ads against the presumed Republican nominee in the guise of helping Romney. Fox’s antithetical maneuvers may have backfired. Instead of a few hundred thousand people seeing these false representations, now millions have had their minds imbued with bogus democratic rhetoric. Fox’s overt conservative bent may be a cover for their ulterior intentions to keep Obama in power. Once one gets past their disbelief the rationale may make much sense. The hierarchy at Fox must be aware that millions of undecided voters watch and listen to their so-called fair and balanced approach to expressing the news. By repetitively running Obama’s views many may believe the message that Romney is not what he portrays. Why give potential voters the opportunity to see and hear them? Fox makes its cash based on its audience size. The larger the audience the more ad revenue is generated. Obama’s divisive style and controversial approach to managing the presidency keeps the viewers and listeners tuned in by the millions. As a result the revenue pours in. Romney’s lackadaisical approach to Obama’s onslaught may not be the juice most voters want to imbibe and certainly not the bank Fox is seeking. Minimally on the offensive, Romney finds himself ducking democrats’ curve balls daily. Obama’s lies and distortions make good theater and Fox continually plays these rhetorical nightmares against Romney to an anxious and very concerned audience. Sean Hannity’s intelligence is without doubt, he must be aware of the consequences of his actions. Sean’s colleagues’ offerings are not as intense as his yet they too are giving Obama a perch to chirp from. Collectively Fox’s presentations through this month have given much more airtime to Obama’s deceitful message than Romney’s defensive dialogue. There are other holes in the Fox’s republican armor. Health and Human Services have been running dozens of ads on Fox concerning Obamacare’s offerings to the elderly, infirmed and chronically ill. These funded ads by the Obama Administration are nothing more than propaganda to ingratiate this monstrous legislation’s worth into the minds of the weak. How much has Fox profited by the Obama Administration, only its elites know. Paying their top commentators tens of millions requires cash and why not take it from their so-called political enemy, or is he. Mark Davis MD, author of Demons of Democracy,

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