Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lawyers: America's greatest threat

Lawyers: America’s greatest threat

Historians will consider our present time period as the age of lawyers. America is deluged with attorneys, with approximately 1.1 million who hold the JD degree. Every aspect of our lives is in some manner is influenced by the hand of one of these guardians of justice. Governments’ regressive policies, whether state or federal, have the imprint of the “legal industry.” Recently invented legislation that is intrusive in nature and costly to society evolved in the legal cauldrons and dark halls of Congress. Obamacare written entirely by attorneys is a gift to their brethren. This monstrosity will keep thousands of lawyers busy for the next generation, if not defeated in the Supreme Court. Have you wondered why there are so many illegals within the fifty states? Immigration lawyers, by the tens of thousands, have imbued themselves in processes that would have rid our shores of these invaders from the south. Perhaps you are curious why our so called trading partners always seem to get the best of trade deals. Incompetent lawyers script these agreements, so that they win at our expense. May be your thoughts have drifted to the obvious fact we do not manufacture anything. Why?  When lawyers are not writing union contracts that destroy worksites, they are suing these companies out of business. Worse, environment lawyers have been successful in blocking energy production throughout the country. Lawyers have been put in charge of the SEC and other financial oversight agencies, look at the results. Even the military is being checked by the incompetence of this former profession. According to the book Demons of Democracy; lawyers have no special knowledge of finances, economics, contractual protocols, international trade or sundry other positions that they fill. Most lawyers graduate from college with degrees in the social sciences because they lacked the intellectual capacity to master math and the sciences. Yet, they hold key positions in the government within these areas. The words expertise and lawyer when used together could be considered oxymoronic in nature. America’s present tragedies occurred when an illiterate electorate placed an inept lawyer in the White House. The republicans are seeking to repeat the same mistake. Lawyers are undermining every tradition and institution in this country. America is being victimized by these once sentinels of democracy as they profit through the detriment they inflict on us. In order to win back America, we need to curtail their influence on our daily lives. Vote right in 2012, for a chief executive who is not encumbered by a legal degree. Mark Davis, president of Healthnets Review Services, platomd@gmail.com  www.markdavismd.com

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